Seminars at the accelerator: José Emilio Prieto

Speaker: José Emilio Prieto de Castro, Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano IQFR-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Title: Epitaxial metal films and their characterization at CMAM: towards the application of nanostructured oxides in spintronics

Abstract: Transition metal oxides form a broad group of materials that present a wide variety of phases with very different properties. In particular, in terms of magnetism, ferro-, ferri- and antiferromagnetic phases can be found, which makes them promising for applications in spintronics. This requires thin films with properties similar to materials in volumetric form. Interesting results have been obtained in epitaxial systems of high structural quality on monocrystalline metal substrates. However, thinking of future their applications, the growth of thin films and oxide nanostructures of similar quality on epitaxial metal thin films is essential. This makes possible to explore effects such as spin injection or manipulation of magnetization by passing a current through the film, etc. This talk will describe the experiments carried out recently at CMAM on characterization of epitaxial thin films of Ru and other metals on monocrystalline substrates Al2O3(0001) and will show some results obtained in micro and magnetic nanostructures of iron, cobalt, and nickel oxides that were grown on them: magnetic characterization, structural effects of size, magnetization reversal processes, etc.

The seminar will take place at CMAM meeting room but it can also be followed virtually through Ms Teams