Associated Units

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On 28th June 2023, the CSIC Governing Council approved the CMAM R&D&I Associated Unit to the CSIC Institute for the Structure of Matter (IEM).

The experimental Nuclear Physics Research Unit of the IEM has been carrying out scientific and technological activities in collaboration with CMAM since 2002, benefiting from the use of the 5 MV tandetron accelerator. This scientific cooperation has been maintained over the years.

The joint activities include the leadership of the nuclear physics beamline (O. Tengblad) and the strategic and technical advice to the Director (MJG Borge).

At the scientific level, the addition of a new dual pulsed light ion (H and He) source to the CMAM system represents a significant opportunity for ongoing detector development in the IEM research group, especially in the context of experiments at the GSI-FAIR facility. The new pulsed beam system makes possible to open CMAM to new high-impact scientific cases in several application areas in nuclear physics, astrophysics and medical physics, topics in which the IEM group is very interested. Currently, a member of CMAM (V. Gª Távora) is working on the study of two reactions of astrophysical interest to get information about the radiative capture of α particles in 12C. This reaction is of great importance for nuclear astrophysics due to its role in determining the abundance ratio of carbon to oxygen during the burning of helium in stars.

On the other hand, the IEM group and CMAM scientists collaborate on a networking project of the Community of Madrid (ASAP project) in the field of medical applications.

At the educational level, CMAM participates regularly in the internships of the biannual course given by the IEM on Advanced Nuclear Techniques in the Interuniversity Master in Nuclear Physics, coordinated by Univ of Seville.

As a result of our activities at CMAM, two PhD theses and seven masters’ projects (TFM) have been produced so far.

The recently approved associated unit is considered by both sides as a strategic initiative to consolidate and deepen the collaboration between UAM and CSIC taking advantage of the scientific possibilities offered by CMAM as a research infrastructure, strengthening the presence of CSIC in this scientific facility.