The mission of CMAM is to conduct, in collaboration with a wide multidisciplinary user community, research activities using ion beam and complementary instruments, generating scientific impacts, technology spillovers and contributing to training of students through the singular elements available at the facility.


The vision of CMAM is threefold:

  1. To become a reference ion beam facility with some unique techniques at the European level.
  2. To become a Spanish hub for multidisciplinary science initiatives, where ion beam techniques and other experimental possibilities are synergically applied to ambitious experimental cases.
  3. To offer a unique training environment for students, profiting from the singular instruments available at CMAM, from the excellent science involved in the previous two elements of this vision, and from the fact that CMAM is fully integrated into the UAM-CSIC excellence campus.




Centro de Micro-Análisis de Materiales, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Campus de Cantoblanco,
C/ Faraday 3, 28049, Madrid, Spain

Tel.: +34 91 497 3621