Access to CMAM

CMAM is an open facilty with full competitive access to the accelerator beamtime.

Starting from July 31th 2015 CMAM handles directly all access services to local and external users. For precise information on how to access the facility you must contact . Information on the equipment and beamlines available can be found in the beamlines section.

The UAM’s “Consejo Social” (Social Council) has approved fees for the use of beamtime and additional services, applicable to companies and private users. At the same time has decided a financial contribution to the running and service costs applicable to universities and public research institutions national and international. In the table below, you can see a summary of the CMAM beamtime fees applicable to 2022.

Further information on beamtime fees, which is needed, can be found in the official Table of CMAM fees approved by UAM or contact if you have any questions.

CMAM member + PhD or Master students affiliated/supervised by CMAM scientistsUAM-CSIC centers and institutesNational and International OPI´sPrivate users and Companies
Beamtime price62€/h62€/h62€/h
Bonus/year (free of charge)Up to 80hUp to 40hUp to 20h
Priority use of beamtime (price to be added to base price)80€/h80€/h180€/h350€/h
Assistance in samples mounting/preparation and carrying out experiments (price to be added to base price)N/A25€/h50€/h
Data analysis priceN/A40€/h80€/h125€/h

Call for beamtime proposals

  • The next user proposal deadline is
  • 10 May 2024