Guided visit at CMAM

Guided visit at CMAM

open day at CMAM

Open day at CMAM

Visits at CMAM

The CMAM organizes free guided tours where participants can discover what a electrostatic ion acceleradtor is and the applications of its different beamlines and equipment.

Visits are available in two different formats:

  1. Face-to-face visits: group visit into the facility guided by a person from CMAM.
  2. Virtual visit: a person from CMAM staff shows the facility with a camera in a Teams videoconference using a video.
    as a virtual tour, and where the session leads to questions and doubts. People can know about CMAM comfortably from their home or from a classroom/common space.

We receive regularly visits from high school groups, university students and researchers, as well as professional and cultural associations and companies.

Consider that guided visits are only available from Monday to Friday and they are conditioned with the centre’s activities. If you want to visit us, you must fill in the visit form and we will contact you as possible to arrange a date. Due to the high demand, you should consider the possibility of carrying out a virtual tour, since they are conditioned with the center’s experiments. In this case, you have to check the virtual visit in the form.

For booking a visit, you must fill the form. You will automatically receive a response and, once we have checked your request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and the instructions to join the videoconference or to enter to CMAM facility.

Open and fill out the application form