The Centre for Micro Analysis of Materials (CMAM) is a research center belonging to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) whose main experimental tool is an electrostatic ion accelerator with a maximum terminal voltage of 5 MV, devoted to the analysis and modification of materials.


EU project RIANA launched

EU project RIANA launched

A hub for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology The new EU project RIANA (standing for Research Infrastructure Access in...

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Current status at the Centre of Micro-Analysis of Materials

The European Physical Journal Plus has recently published the Focus Point on Small and Medium Particle Accelerator Facilities in Europe, devoted to show the current status and enhancements of ion beam labs across Europe. The CMAM, together with other Iberian facilities such as CNA (Sevilla) or IST (Lisbon), has participated in this issue with the article Current status and future developments of the ion beam facility at the centre of micro-analysis of materials in Madrid. In this paper the main equipments of our facility are described with detail, including the most advanced techniques and beam lines.

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