Seminars at the accelerator: Carlos Molpeceres

Speaker: Carlos Molpeceres (UPM)

Title: Laser Bioprinting. From single cell to tissue engineering

Abstract: Laser bioprinting is becoming a relevant technology in the field of tissue engineering competing or complementing other well stablished printing technologies like extrusion or ink jet printing. Laser bioprinting is based in well known direct write laser techniques, in particular those encompassed under the umbrella of Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) processes. In this presentation we summarize the fundamentals of the technology together a review of current results obtained at Laser Center UPM, whose researchers have adapted a remarkable experience in the development of LIFT processes for electronics and photovoltaics industry to the field of laser bioprinting for different applications, including the challenging problem of single cell isolation.

The seminar will take place at CMAM meeting room and it can also be followed virtually through Ms Teams.