Seminar at the Accelerator – Alma Beatrice Sergi (Erasmus)

Speaker: Alma Beatrice Sergi, Erasmus traineeship from Turin University

Title: Aplicaciones ópticas y biosensoristicas de diamantes irradiados en dos líneas del CMAM con iones energéticos pesado

Abstract: Diamond has unique physical and chemical properties that make it a highly promising material for optical and biosensor applications. Ion implantation is one of the key methods for modifying their properties. In this case, this technique will be used to induce damage to the diamond structure, using two different beamlines available on CMAM: internal microbeam and implantation.

The objective is to develop a method that allows to generate diffraction lattices by soft X-rays and ultraviolet radiation, and graphite channels in the insulating matrix of the diamond for applications in biosensors. In addition, the challenges and future directions of diamond ion implantation are discussed, including expanding production and improving device performance.

In summary, this work highlights the potential of diamond ion implantation to advance optics and biosensing technologies.

The seminar will take place at CMAM meeting room