CMAM has entered into the RADIATE project

RADIATE project

CMAM has contributed in the last 17 years to a large number of researches demanding ion beam techniques for analysis and modification of materials. Our facility consists on a 5 MV tandem linear accelerator and 6 beam lines under operation. Many fields had benefit from this, such as material science, energy, environmental sciences, health, and cultural heritage.

As a continuation of this commitment with the society, CMAM has recently entered into the RADIATE project, a European network of ion beam facilities. The RADIATE network support many research proposals allowing the Transnational Access.

Within the Horizon Europe Missions framework,ion beam facilities will join forces with other large scale facilities supplying electrons (DREAM), photons (LEAPS), neutrons (LENS), etc., in a project named Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe (ARIE). This includes centers delivering services, data, and know-how to a broad user community of more than 40,000 researchers. The mission of ARIE will face societal challenges and help scientists all over Europe.