Vacancy available at CMAM: contract research staff support for the CSIC-CMAM Group

Call for the position at the Centre for Microanalysis of Materials (CMAM) for a researcher for the project TechnoFusión(III) S2018/EMT-4437

The contract is offered until April 30, 2023

Qualifications required:

  1. Degree in physics, industrial engineering, electronic engineer, or telecommunications engineer
  2. Experience in different optical techniques for surface analysis: Reflectance, Transmittance, Raman Spectroscopy
  3. Experience using high vacuum equipment
  4. Experience in lasers
  5. Experience in scientific data analysis and simulations
  6. Good English level (written and oral)


  1. Use, maintenance and development of equipment to irradiate materials with high energy ions and pulsed lasers (available at Lab CMAM-UAM)
  2. Use and development of advanced optical characterization techniques: reflectance and transmittance

In the employment portal of the Community of Madrid (madrimasd), you can access all the information about the public call.

For any questions or concerns, please contact José Olivares at