Vacancy available at CMAM: Researcher to contribute to the project ReMade@ARI


The Autonomous University of Madrid has made a public call for the position at the Centre for Microanalysis of Materials (CMAM) for a researcher to contribute to the project RECYCLABLE MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT AT ANALYTICAL RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES (REMADE@ARI) ID 101058414, CALL HORIZONINFRA-2021-SERV-01

The contract is offered until the end of the project (August 2026)

Qualifications required:

  1. Experience in project management
  2. Experience in scientific activities related to ion beams
  3. Experience in scientific activities of other related areas
  4. Good English level (written and oral)


  1. Assist the CMAM director in the management of activities in the European project ReMade@ARI, where he leads a workpackage
  2. Get involved in experimental activities at CMAM, including assignment to lead development of a beamline to be designated and involvement in scientific collaborations with external users
  3. Collaborate in other operational and institutional activities of CMAM, on the basis of the needs of the center.

In the following link on UAM website you can access all the information about the public call.

For any questions or concerns, please contact to Gastón García at