Beamtime Request

Regardless of the user’s category only proposals presented through our Beamtime request service will be considered.

To access this service and submit beamtime applications you must be previously registered. You will do so in the CMAM user’s portal.  You must enter the portal in the Register as a new user mode, which allows interactively the introduction and registration on the database of user’s identifying data.

You can request other services like assistance of CMAM staff in mounting and carrying out experiments, Data analysis including report, Additional technical work can be requested. Please, find further details in the Access to CMAM section.

Only proposals submitted using our Beamtime request service will be accepted.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION: Check access rules, working procedures and regulatory information you should follow to prevent any radiological risk when using our radioactive facility. Read more about Radiological protection program


CriteriumAspect to be evaluatedPoints assigned
Criterium 1It is checked if the project is viable, according to the work planning presented. The existence of scientific or technical inconsistencies that, according to the expert, forbid the execution of the project, is a sufficient reason for reject.No points are assigned
Criterium 2The scientific impact of the project is evaluated, considering the interest of the topic, its relevance in the international context, the novelties proposed and the scientific records of the research team on the subject covered by the project.0-5 points doubtful scientific interest
6-10 points some scientific interest
11-15 points relevant scientific interest
16-20 points extraordinary scientific interest
Criterium 2 bisInstead of criterium 2 the social interest of the application is evaluated considering its impact on the dissemination of the scientific culture, its implication with the social and economic environment of the Universidad Autónoma, the promotion of scientific vocations through training, the participation to international exchange programs.0-5 points doubtful social interest
6-10 points some social interest
11-15 points relevant social interest
16-20 points extraordinary social interest
Criterium 3The technical and technological advances proposed by the research team are evaluated.0-2 points marginal technological advances
3-6 points substantial technological advances
7-10 points relevant technological advances
Criterium 4For continuing experiments the convenience of further extensions is evaluated.0-3 points
Criterium 5The project impact on training and education is evaluated, taking into account the presence of graduate and postgraduate students in the research team.0-3 points

Call for beamtime proposals

  • The next user proposal deadline is:
  • 10 May 2024