Seminar at the accelerator-Teresa Pinheiro (Lisboa University)

Speaker: Teresa Pinheiro (Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences, Department of Engineering and Nuclear Sciences, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)

Title: Accelerator-based techniques for biomedical applications @CTN/IST. What we do and why we do it

Abstract: As inflammatory, cancer and infectious diseases occupy a prominent position in the history of mankind these have been the main areas of application. However, we will also consider an incursion into plant analysis. We will explain our work and its purpose. This seminar will be centred on accelerator-based techniques with focused ion beams such as PIXE, EBS and STIM implemented in nuclear microscopy to visualize the distribution of the metals in tissues and single cells, quantify the metal uptake and correlate localization with structural information at sub-micrometre resolution. In a more recent development, in vivo cell irradiation with proton beams is being developed at the Nuclear Microprobe. The focus will be on aspects such as sample handling and preparation for analysis. Additionally, we will provide examples of assessing changes caused by disease in tissue structure, as well as the biochemical and biological effects of new drugs on normal and cancer cells. We will also examine the effects of proton radiation in the presence of new nanomaterials to evaluate the radiosensitizing effect of these compounds.