Seminar at the accelerator – Teresa Kurtukian

Speaker: Teresa Kurtukian Nieto (IEM-CSIC)

Title: Test bench at CMAM for the ISOLDE Superconducting Recoil Separator ISRS

Abstract: This seminar will be centred on the Test bench at CMAM for the ISOLDE Superconducting Recoil Separator ISRS, where the ISRS is a novel high-resolution recoil separator to be installed at the radioactive ion beam facility HIE-ISOLDE at CERN. The design of the ISRS spectrometer in contrast to state-of-the-art linear spectrometers that uses dispersive planes, exploit the time-of-flight of the fragments produced in the reaction target to perform the particle separation. By injecting the reaction fragments into a particle storage system composed of an array of iron-free superconducting multifunction magnets (SCMF) cooled by cryocoolers, and integrated into a compact storage mini-ring using Fixed Field Alternating Gradient focussing (FFAG) it is possible to reach resolutions of 1/2000. The present designed system is compact, having 3.5 m diameter and relatively low magnetic field (< 3T) and is able to recirculate with 100% efficiency a cocktail beam of heavy mass isotopes (up-to mass 234) at 10 MeV/u with a 30% momentum spread, and fully separate single unit masses working in isochronous mode.

A prototype of a 90º bending magnet composed of a CCT solenoid (FUSILLO) with a pure dipole central field of 3.0 T has been developed and is currently tested at CERN. A second family of magnets, using short/compact straight iron-free CCT magnets is currently under development within the ISRS-Spain MRR grant. The novelty of the development resides in the implementation of both dipole and quadrupole functions into a short compact CCT magnet, including an easy-operation cryostat that can allow for ion-beam circulation.

The first prototype called MAGDEM (Magnet Demonstrator) will be integrated into a dedicated beam transport and focussing system and assembled into a fully operational ion test bench suitable for carrying out experiments with real beams. The focussing system of the test-bench (warm triplets and beam monitoring systems), target chamber, and focal plane detectors can be tested at CMAM, either with constant or bunched protons and heavy ions in the energy range between 1 to 10 MeV/u.

In this talk Teresa will present the main characteristics of ISRS ion optics and magnet developments and the plans for testing the system at CMAM in the years to come.