Going to the heaviest: First acceleration of Lead beams at CMAM

First acceleration of Lead beams at CMAM

The aim was to optimize the machine to the maximum and check whether we were able to characterize the isotopic composition of a target used in an experiment at ISOLDE (CERN) for studies of the scattering of halo nuclei.

At CMAM we prepared two sputtering targets one of enriched 208Pb (Z=82) (97.85% of 208Pb)mixed with silver and the other with natural lead (206Pb (24.1%) + 207Pb (22.1%) + 208Pb (52.4%) and silver. The figure shows the measurements realized October 26th, 2020 where one can clearly see that the three components of natural are perfectly resolved,proving a mass resolution higher than 0.5%.

This result demonstrates for first time the capacity of the instalation to accelerate and separate heavy beams, Z=82. This achievement is due to the good running conditions of the CMAM Facility.