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Seminarios CMAM 2013
  • Giancarlo Rizza, Beyond the ion-beam shaping mechanism: toward plasmonic applications, Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés LSI, École Polytechnique, Francia. (22-11-13)
  • Jürgen Fassbender, Ionoluminescence in silica: Role of self-trapped excitons (STEs), CMAM, Madrid, Spain. (17-09-13)
  • Fernando Agulló López, Nanomagnets, created and tailored by ions, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rosendorf. (25-07-13)
  • Milko Jaksic, Heavy ion microbeam - a sensitive probe for materials characterization and an efficient tool for materials modification, Ruder Boskovic Institute Zagreb (Croacia). (17-07-13)
  • Aurelio Climent Font, Complementary elastic backscattering, ionoluminescence and transmission electron microscopy study of X-XIV AD luster ceramics, CMAM, Madrid, Spain. (04-07-12)
  • Ovidio Y. Peña Rodríguez, Effects of swift heavy ions on plasmonic nanoparticles, Instituto de Fusión Nuclear, UPM, Madrid. (22-03-12)
  • Aurelio Climent Font, Deviations from Rutherford elastic scattering cross sections for Cu and Zn with He ionse, CMAM, Madrid, Spain. (06-06-13)
  • Fernando Agulló López, Electronic excitation damage by swift ions to SiO2: New experimental evidences, CMAM, Madrid, Spain. (23-05-13)
  • Arnan Mitchell, Microphotonic an Microfluidic research at RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Australia. (09-05-13)
  • Wilfried Schildkamp, Brazing of Diamond Windows, ALBA-CELLS, Barcelona, Spain. (02-04-13)
  • Sara Azimi, Three-Dimensional Silicon Micro and Nano-machinig, National University of Singapore. (08-03-13)
  • Caterina Biscari, ALBA, The Spanish Synchrotron Light Source, ALBA-CELLS, Barcelona, Spain. (17-01-13)