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Conferences 2015

Contribuciones Orales

  • M. A Reis, C. P Chaves, A. Muñoz-Martin, M.D. Ynsa, A. Zucchiatti. Ion beam particle and energy dependence of Fe2O3 yield. Building a fingerprints database for modern art materials: PIXE analysis of commercial drawing media, PIXE international conference, Capetown, 25 Feb-3 march 2015
  • A.Zucchiatti, A.Climent-Font , J.García Gómez-Tejedor, S.Martina, C.Muro García , E.Gimeno, P.Hernández, N.Canelo. Ion beam particle and energy dependence of Fe2O3 yield. 14th International Conference on Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE 2015), Cape Town, South Africa,  2015
  • A.Zucchiatti, Planning PIGE Benchmarking experiments at CMAM, IAEA Technical Meeting on "Benchmarking Experiments for IBA", Vienna 26-29th may 2015
  • A.Zucchiatti on behalf of CONECTA,  CONECTA: Coordinación Nacional Española para la Ciencia y Tecnología de Aceleradores, Technical Meeting on Formulating strategies for keeping accelerator based technologies at the forefront of scientific endeavours, 19-23 October 2015, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (Bobadela), Portugal
  • A.Zucchiatti and A. Climent-Font, Applying Ion Beam Analysis to the study of ancient ceramics, 2nd Notre Dame-Europe Symposium on Nuclear Science and Society, Rome 4-6 November 2015
  • J.E. Prieto and A.Zucchiatti, CMAM activity report, AEA Second Research Coordination Meeting on "Development of Molecular Concentration Mapping Techniques Using MeV Focused Ion Beams", 16 – 18 November 2015, Kyoto, Japan