Seminarios en el Acelerador - EBS, ionoluminiscencia, TEM en el estudio de cerámicas luster del siglo X-XIV AD
04.07.2013 - 04.07.2013
CMAM - Madrid
Seminarios informales en el Acelerador


Ponente: Aurelio Climent Font, CMAM, Madrid, España

Titulo:  Complementary elastic backscattering, ionoluminescence and transmission electron microscopy study of X-XIV AD luster ceramics

Abstract:  Luster ceramics is an invention of Iraq Islamic potters dating back to the 9th century AD to decorate glazed ceramics.  The main feature of this decoration is a very thin layer of Ag and/or Cu nanoparticles diffused inside the glaze some tens or hundreds of nm below its surface. An important issue when analyzing the technology of these artifacts is the determination of the composition, extend, and concentration of the nanoparticles in the layer. Elastic backscattering spectrometry is a suitable technique for this study as it can provide quantitative determination of the concentration profiles of the elements composing the nanoparticles. In many cases the glaze covering the ceramic may show luminescence induced by the analyzing ion beam, in our case He ions. The spectral composition of the light emitted may depend, among other things, on the chemical environment of the glaze, on the filtering effect of the nanoparticules in the luster layer as well as on the damage produced by the probing ion beam. In this work we report on the results obtained with the CMAM accelerator with a setup performing simultaneous backscattering experiments with 3070 keV He and the cumulative collection of optical spectra in a collection of luster ceramic shards from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The results are confronted with transmission electron microscopy observation of the samples.


A. Climent-Font1,2, D. Jiménez-Rey1, G. Molina Giralt3, J. Molera4, and T. Pradell3

1 Centro de Micro-Análisis de Materiales, C/ Faraday 3, Universidad Autónoma Madrid, Campus de Cantoblanco, E-29049 Madrid, Spain.

2 Departamento de Física Aplicada M-12, Universidad Autónoma Madrid, Campus de Cantoblanco, E-29049 Madrid, Spain.

3Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear, UPC, Campus Baix Llobregat, 08860 Castelldefels,  Spain.

4 GRMiA, Departament de IACA, Universitat de Vic, Campus Torre dels Frares, 08500 Vic, Spain.


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