University program for elderly (PUMA) visits the CMAM

The University Program for the Elderly (PUMA),  from UAM, organized a visit to the CMAM. This visit to the accelerator was on 19 May at 11:00 and was coordinated by different CMAM researchers.

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Article about R&D and the CMAM

The newspaper "El Mundo" has published an article about R&D in Spain and some of facilities which are required from different scientific disciplines in our country. Within this group of facilities, this article describes the accelerator of the UAM.


Scientific News published by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid about researchers of CMAM

Researchers of the Centre for Microanalysis of Materials (CMAM), belonging to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM),  and the Madrid Institute of Optics (CSIC) have used heavy ions irradiation with very high energy to manufacture optical waveguides efficiently which are used in infrared guided applications in the field of astronomy and astrophotonic.

Madri+d and UAM have published a press release about this study and the results have been published on Optics Express.

To view the full press release visit the news portal of UAM.

Professor Masayuki Nakahata visits CMAM
Prof. Masayuki Nakahata from University of Tokyo has been visiting the CMAM on March 23.
photo visit Masayuki

The Director and Deputy Director showed him the accelerator facility and operation and explained him the different experiments performed by the CMAM.

We must also mention the visit  of Professor Roberto Morales Peñas from University of Chile on February 26, because of the CMAM has a collaboration with this University and the visit of Elias Hanna-Bakraj Professor from Chemistry Deparment of AEC, Syria, Damascus, who will be in the CMAM from April 12 to April 16 to carry out a collaboration with the CMAM.

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