New Thesis at CMAM about "Structural and compositional characterization of wide bandgap semiconductor heterostructures by ion beam analysis".

Andres Redondo defending his thesis

Defended by Andrés Redondo Cubero at the auditorium of the ICMM-CSIC.

Summary: This thesis addresses the application of ion beam analysis to the study of several wide bandgap semiconductor heterostructures. This work is motivated by the need of improving the epitaxial growth of the active and base layers composing high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and high-power optoelectronic devices, mainly based on GaN and ZnO. At the same time, this thesis explores the advantages and limits of ion beam techniques for the structural and compositional characterization of such heterostructures, as an alternative and complement to X-ray diffraction methods. For more information about this, download the thesis from here »

Plasma Wall Interaction Team visits the CMAM
Members of Plasma-Wall Interaction Group from CIEMAT and members of the Technology Centre for Fusion, TechnoFusión-DOVE, have visited the CMAM. Both groups of scientists work on plasma-wall interaction phenomena with the material elements in reactors and fusion devices (first wall, divertor, limiters, etc.), because they may turn out to be constraints in the development of nuclear fusion.

The purpose of the visit is to encourage and enable collaboration in the framework of R&D activities of the research groups in the Community of Madrid such as CIEMAT and CMAM, performing IBA and IBMM experimental techniques that can assist in development activities program of the Multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Singular Facility for Fusion, TechnoFusión.

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University program for elderly (PUMA) visits the CMAM

The University Program for the Elderly (PUMA),  from UAM, organized a visit to the CMAM. This visit to the accelerator was on 19 May at 11:00 and was coordinated by different CMAM researchers.

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Article about R&D and the CMAM

The newspaper "El Mundo" has published an article about R&D in Spain and some of facilities which are required from different scientific disciplines in our country. Within this group of facilities, this article describes the accelerator of the UAM.

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