The Nobel prize in Physics, Prof. Douglas D. Osheroff, visited the CMAM

The Nobel prize in Physics, Prof. Douglas D. Osheroff, visited the CMAM the 5th of February, accompanied by Missis Phyllis Osheroff, Prof. Blas Cabreras and Prof. Herman Suderow.


Open days at CMAM - XII Semana de la Ciencia

semana de la cienciaOne more year, the Science week is going to take place, which is the biggest science and technology social media event in Spain. "Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid" supports through "Dirección General de Universidades e Investigación and the "Fundación madri+d", are going to organize the "XII Semana de la Ciencia" in Madrid, with the aim of involving citizens in science and technology.

The Science Week becomes another year in the great feast of science and citizen participation, offering the opportunity to learn about the work done by scientists, their research, their motivations and efforts. This initiative allows knowing the latest advances in science and visiting areas in which they performed, giving advantage the dialogue with actors whose work increases welfare society.

CMAM is going to participate once more in the "XII Semana de la Ciencia", organizing the activity "Comprender y modificar los materials con haces de iones".

The activities are two open days to visit the Accelerator of CMAM in November 8th and 15th 2012, 10-13:00 or 15:00-18:00


If you are interested in this visit, you can make a book on: 91 497 3219 or email:

For more information about this event, you can visit the website about the activities of the Science week.

All the information about the event will be published in our website and facebook.

2012 Campus Summer Science

Continuing with the development of the program “2012 Campus Summer Science”, organized by CEI CSIC-UAM and co-organized by the UCCUAM (Unit for Scientific Culture of the UAM) and supported by MEC, FECYT and “Fundación la Caixa”, the CMAM will carry out the activity “Explorando la materia con un acelerador de iones”.

Students 1st high school and 4th ESO will have the opportunity to know a high-tech facility and they will be able to familiarize with its use and the physical principles that govern it, using the electrostatic ion accelerator and other CMAM facilities for a demo application.

They will come from different parts of Spain and they will know our laboratory and other UAM laboratories through different activities and guided visits that the program has organized.It will consist of determine, with the ion accelerator, the characteristics and composition of various objects eveloping all the steps involved in a scientific experiment. The program will take place during the month of July and the activities will be divided into groups of 7 students. They will be attended by Begoña Gomez Ferrer (UAM PhD Student), David Jiménez Rey (UAM research), Aranzazu Maira Vidal (CMAM Technical support engineer ), Salvador Saura López (High School Teacher), Alessandro Zucchiatti (CMAM Director). The objetives will be:

- Understand the structure of the materials to be studied and the physical processes of ion-matter interaction.

- Understand the physical principles of the techniques used for materials analysis (PIXE, RBS and IL).

- Understand the processes of ion acceleration, so the functionality of an electrostatic accelerator and associated instrumentation.

- Design an ion beam experiment: selection of the type and number of measures in relation to the samples and the problem that the study wants to solve.

- Carry out the experiment following the procedure for obtaining the characteristic parameters of the materials to be studied.

- Analyze the results with information from other disciplines (archeology, geology, history, botany, etc).

- Compare and interpret the results that permit the production of a scientific conclusion.

- Present the results, performing a selection of the most effective results.


For more information about this activitie, you can visit the Campus web site  or our facebook

The CMAM activity report 2010-2011 has been published and is available on-line

Click here to view activity reportThe fifth issue of our activity report has just been published and sent to our collaborators and colleagues. To them we would like to renew our appreciation for the attention put on the CMAM. We are pleased to make available, as well on-line, our activity report to allow the scientific community sampling the work done and motivate attention and support to our activities.

Thank you.

View the activity report on interactive PDF

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