New Thesis at CMAM

New thesis at CMAM about "Ion-Irradiation-Induced Damage in Nuclear Materials – Case Study of a-SiO2 and MgO" has been defended by Diana Bachiller Perea at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on 21th June 2016.

In this thesis two materials have been studied: amorphous silica (a-SiO2) and magnesium oxide (MgO). Both materials are insulating oxides with applications in the nuclear energy industry. High-energy ion irradiations have been carried out at different accelerator facilities to induce the irradiation damage in these two materials; then, the mechanisms of damage have been characterized using principally Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques.

One of the challenges of this thesis was to develop the Ion Beam Induced Luminescence or ionoluminescence (which is not a widely known IBA technique) and to apply it to the study of the mechanisms of irradiation damage in materials, proving the power of this technique.For this purpose, the ionoluminescence of three different types of silica (containing different amounts of OH groups) has been studied in detail and used to describe the creation and evolution of point defects under irradiation. In the case of MgO, the damage produced under 1.2 MeV Au+ irradiation has been characterized using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry in channeling configuration and X-ray diffraction.

Finally,the ionoluminescence of MgO under different irradiation conditions has also been studied.

The results obtained in this thesis help to understand the irradiation-damage processes in materials, which is essential for the development of new nuclear energy sources.

For more information about this thesis you can download it from here.

Prof. Mark Breese visits the accelerator

Prof. Mark Breese visits the accelerator this week. He is the director of Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS) and the co-director of NUSNNI. Furthermore, he is specialist in ion beam research activities which are centred around the use of focused high-energy beams of charged particles as a means of imaging the structure and crystallinity of materials and to modify their properties.

He is going to use the nanobeam line and he is going to help us to improve this beamline ...



Course about Introduction to the research in Optics

José Olivares Villegas, CMAM research, organizes the XXVI course about Introduction to the research in Optics. This course is directed towards university students interested in research.

This activity will be hosted by CSIC Institute of Optics (, which is part of CSIC's network of research centres.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to know theirs laboratories and theirs scientific objectives include every aspect of Optics and Photonics, with particular emphasis in areas such as Oftalmic and Physiological Optics, Image Processing, Optical Metrology, Light-Matter interaction, Non-linear Dynamics of Optical Systems, Nanophotonics and Optical Communications.

The registration is free and you can do it until 1th March. 

More information here.
1st Supervision Audit to ISO 9001:2008 for the Delivery of Ion Beams of CMAM after its renovation

The CMAM quality management system has been recently re-submitted for external annual review by the company SGS ICS Ibérica, after renovation in 2015.

One year more, this certification the QMS has proveed to be solid and efficient passing the review without zero no-conformity.

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