New Thesis at CMAM

New thesis at CMAM on "Irradiación con iones pesados a altas energías en LiTaO3: guías de onda ópticas y sinergia de daño nuclear y electrónico" has been defended by Victoria Tormo Márquez at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on 21th November 2019.

This thesis stems from the interest that exists in the combination of the excellent optical and ferroelectric properties of LiTaO3 with the microstructuring that can be carried out through irradiation with high-energy heavy ions. The main objective is to research the interaction ion-matter through the optical waveguides generated in LiTaO3 by means of irradiation with heavy ions at high energies. The study presented can help to understand the mechanisms of damage in irradiation with heavy ions of high energies in this type of materials.

This thesis has been directed by José Olivares Villegas from the "Daza de Valdés" Institute (CSIC) and CMAM member and as tutor to Mercedes Carrascosa Rico from UAM.