First Meeting of the Ion Accelerators Iberian Network

The managers of the laboratories at Iberian Peninsula hosting ion accelerators for research have met the 27 and 28 of October at the Centre for Micro Analysis of Materials at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The meeting underlined the importance of this type of facility on several research areas and stablished the basis for a future regional network of specialized laboratories. A coordinated action of the three centers would expand the possibilities to carry out complex studies and increase the international competitiveness of groups, universities, Public Research institutions and companies that make use of these infrastructures.

The participants, Institute for Plasma and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) from Lisbon, the National Centre for Accelerators (CNA) from Seville and the Centre for Micro Analysis of Materials from UAM, have identified a common way that will lead the Iberian network to compete at the highest level in the European scene marked by Horizon 2020.