2013 Campus Summer Science

campus photo

Continuing with the development of the program Campus Summer Science, organized by CEI CSIC-UAM and co-organized by the UCCUAM (Unit for Scientific Culture of the UAM) and supported by MICINN, FECYT and “Fundación la Caixa”, the CMAM will carry out the activity "Explorando la materia con un acelerador de iones".

Students 1st high school and 4th ESO will have the opportunity to know a high-tech facility and they will be able to familiarize with its use and the physical principles that govern it, using the electrostatic ion accelerator and other CMAM facilities. They will come from different parts of Spain and they will know our laboratory and other UAM laboratories through different activities and guided visits that the program has organized.


The program will take place during the month of July and the activities will be divided into groups of 6-8 students.

More information will be published on our website and facebook or you can visit the "Campus Científicos" website