New Thesis at CMAM about "Aplicación de técnicas analíticas con haces de iones en la caracterización de materiales de interés arqueológico y artístico".

Defended by Carolina Gutierrez Neira at the Science Faculty in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Summary: While this thesis mainly focuses on the application of the ion beam techniques PIXE, PIGE and RBS, to the study of archaeological glasses, luster ceramics and sapphires, it contains two additional issues, on one hand the association of PIXE with a complementary technique which can optimise its use and on the other hand, a detrimental effect of proton irradiation that constitutes a significant limitation. Although the PIXE method has many advantages, in some cases it is necessary to complement its results with those obtained by other analytical techniques. With ND-TOF, structural information can be easily obtained from bronze axes, without any pre-treatment. To our knowledge, this thesis presents, for the first time, a complementary study using PIXE and ND in the field of art and archaeometry, applied to the study of archaeological bronzes. The second issue mentioned concerns the study of the effects of beam damage in materials sensitive to irradiation, such as colour marks on white pigments, using Raman techniques, XRD and XPS. For more information about this, download the thesis from here »