ENSAF Workshop

The CMAM is a current member of ENSAF (The European Network of Small-scale Accelerator Facilities) and as such we are going to take part in the next ENSAF Workshop about Accelerators operation and management. This workshop will be hosted by CNA (Centro Nacional de Aceleadores) and it will take place in Sevilla, 19-21 October 2016.

The main goal of the workshop is to:
  1. Promote contacts between small accelerator facilities involved in nuclear physics research
  2. Exchange best practises in management, funding, cross disciplinary use and relation with companies and institutions (managers)
  3. Exchange know-how on sources, accelerators, detector, vacuum, and other technical issues (accelerator operators)
  4. Connect Physics and instrumentation applications of small accelerators with large scale facilities (scientists). 

The scientific program will consist of:

  1. Presentation of ENAF Facilities
  2. Physics and Instrumentation at ENSAF facilities
  3. Sinergies between ENSAF and large scale ENSAR facilities
  4. Techniocal operation and development (poster session)
  5. Management and funding (round table)

The CMAM will be represented by three people of technical team and by the director and they will present a poster. Furthermore, they will participate in the various sessions of the workshop.