Young research meeting 2021

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The Young Researchers Meeting took place in “La Cristalera” (Miraflores de la Sierra) on Friday 17 December 2021. The Young Researchers Meeting is dedicated to those PhD students and young doctors whose research work has been or is being performed at the Institute Nicolás Cabrera.


Silvia Viñals, a scientific member of CMAM, presented the poster Characterization of the external pulsed beam at CMAM for proton-therapy studies at the flash regime.


You can view more information about the meeting on the next link.

Focus Point on Small and Medium Particle Accelerator Facilities in Europe

Small and Medium Particle Accelerator Facilities (SMPAF) play a very important role in the landscape of European research. They can accelerate a variety of atomic nuclei, at energies in the MeV range, and have a cross-disciplinary application field. In most cases, they are open to external users, so a proper knowledge by the community of the possibilities provided by these facilities is of great importance.


Unlike other user-focused accelerators facilities such as synchrotrons, SMPAF have different characteristics. Given the relevance and the variability of the instrumentation and the available techniques (including medical science, neutrons, irradiation with swift heavy ions, detectors tests, low-energy nuclear physics, etc.), it has been found very timely to publish a series of focused articles, describing the current situation of some key centres of this kind. Thus, the European Physical Journal Plus has recently published a collection of articles edited by Miguel Ángel Ramos (CMAM, Madrid) and Joaquín Gómez-Camacho (CNA, Seville). This Focus Point on Small and Medium Particle Accelerator Facilities in Europe presents a selection of ten representative and significant European SMPAF. Each article contains a brief description of the facility, including its often unique instrumentation or techniques, and a few recent research highlights.

XXI Science Week

semana de la ciencia en el aceleradorThe Science Week is organized by the General Directorate for Universities and Research of the Community of Madrid, through Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge and its aim is to encourage the development of harmonious relations between science and society, and contribute to scientists reflect critically with the concerns of society. This year the Science Week of Madrid slogan is "Una ciencia para los grandes retos de la humanidad".


CMAM is going to participate once more in the Science week, organizing an open days to show the accelerator hosted at the "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid". This activity includes a visit to the hall of the accelerator to explain the research conducted with the ion accelerator at CMAM and its operation. In addition, we will also organize a workshop where we will carry out an experiment with the accelerator.


The two activities is going to take place in November 11th, in two shifts:

- Guided visit: 16:00 - 17:00 (40 places in 4 groups of 10 people, )

- Workshop: 17:00 - 20:00 (12 places)


If you are interested in these activities, you can make a book on:


For more information about this event, you can visit the website about the Science week's activities. You can follow it on our RRSS.






New MsC Thesis at CMAM

New MsC thesis at CMAM on "Procesado novedoso de materiales de interés fotónico mediante sinergias de daño entre iones de alta energía y pulsos láser" has been defended by Sandra Martínez Estevez at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad de Córdoba on 27th September 2021. This master has covered the study of material damage under the incidence of ultra-short laser pulses (100 fs) subjected to previous irradiation with heavy ions of high energy. Specifically, three materials of photonic interest have been studied: Quartz, Sapphire and Lithium Niobate.


This MsC Thesis has been directed by José Olivares Villegas from the "Daza de Valdés" Institute (CSIC) and CMAM member and Jerónimo Ballesteros Pastor from Universidad de Cordoba.

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