New Thesis at CMAM

New thesis at CMAM on "Irradiación con iones pesados a altas energías en LiTaO3: guías de onda ópticas y sinergia de daño nuclear y electrónico" has been defended by Victoria Tormo Márquez at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on 21th November 2019.

This thesis stems from the interest that exists in the combination of the excellent optical and ferroelectric properties of LiTaO3 with the microstructuring that can be carried out through irradiation with high-energy heavy ions. The main objective is to research the interaction ion-matter through the optical waveguides generated in LiTaO3 by means of irradiation with heavy ions at high energies. The study presented can help to understand the mechanisms of damage in irradiation with heavy ions of high energies in this type of materials.

This thesis has been directed by José Olivares Villegas from the "Daza de Valdés" Institute (CSIC) and CMAM member and as tutor to Mercedes Carrascosa Rico from UAM.

Rafael García-Tenorio visits the accelerator

Rafael García-Tenorio visits the accelerator. He is the director of the National Accelerator Centre (CNA), center for the scientific and technological community for multidisciplinary research with accelerators.

He will give us a seminar where he will describe the strategic plan of the CNA for the 2017-2021 period and will speak to us about the different lines of research performed at the center. He will indicate which are the main challenges and priorities that the CNA considers for the near future in response to the continuous demand made by the scientific community and society.

The seminar will take place on November 22, 2019, at 11:00 a.m.


You can more information about the seminar here.

Open day in Physics Degree 2018

CMAM participates in the Open day in Physics Degree organized by the Faculty od Sciences for high school and IVET students that will take place on 19th December 2018. As a part of day, which it includes visits to different deparments of UAM Physics, the students will visit the accelerator and will be able to carry out a small illustrative experiment using the accelerator and specially our Internal Microbeam line.

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Escape of the Bunkeroom - XVIII Science week

The UAM particle accelerator opens its doors to an escape room where besides having fun you will learn about science. You will have 60 minutes to escape from the bunker and solve the challenge.

When you are going to go into the bunkeroom you are going to find a machine capable of producing particles and accelerating them at very high speeds, almost one tenth of the speed of light. Everyday, a group of scientists produce protons, alpha particles, gold ions, silver or ... whatever happens to play with matter. But something has happened, just when we were about to make the discovery with which they would give us the Nobel Prize, we have lost a particle. We have only one hour to find it before the doors have been locked forever. Your mission will be to find the lost particle inside the bunker.

Remember, if you do not find it in an hour, you will be trapped forever.

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