Nuclear Physics Line

Personnel Responsible: O. Tengblad (IEM), Mª J. G. Borge (IEM)

As of spring 2005, the Nuclear Physics beamline at the CMAM is in operation as a result of a collaboration with the "Instituto de Estructura de la Materia" (IEM), CSIC.

Beamline is at the -30º port of the first switching magnet of the accelerator and is equipped with two sets of slits for defining beam size and shape. A Beam Profile Monitor and a Faraday cup are used for monitoring position, size, shape and current of beam during operation.

Beamline is compatible with high vacuum conditions and it is specially designed for easily connecting a large variety of experimental set-ups at its end. It makes the beamline a really versatile one, being possible to carry out nuclear reaction experiments, characterization of new detector systems, etc, taking advantage of the high stability and accuracy of CMAM ion accelerator.