Standard beamline

Personnel Responsible: Rafael Pérez Casero

Installed together with the accelerator in 2002 by HVEE, the Standard Beamline at CMAM is a multipurpose line, mainly used for “classical” IBA techniques as well as IBMM over small areas.

It has an experimental chamber equipped with a 4 axis goniometer, a HPGe detector for gamma rays and two implanted silicon detectors (one fixed and one movable) for charged particles detection. For the movable detector it is possible to define different solid angles and to put absorbent foils at its entrance.

All this equipment, together with a continuously under-development set of acquisition and control programs allow us to make Rutherford Backscattering (RBS), Elastic Recoil Detection and Analysis (ERDA), Particle Induced Gamma Emission (PIGE), Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA) and RBS-channeling experiments.

Besides, the beamline can be used for irradiating samples with a large variety of ions, from H to Au, being possible to cover areas up to 8x8mm2.

A high sensitivity optical camera and a special viewport for far-infrared (thermal) camera, complete the offer of available instrumentation of the beamline.


Interior view of the chamber


View of the chamber


Full-view of the standard beammline

Working in the standard beamline