Since the installation of the 5MV accelerator delivered with a factory ready multipurpose extension line, CMAM has undertaken the development activity necessary to support new research projects and experiments. Some extension beam lines have been conceived and constructed and a few more are presently under development. Four beamlines are routinely available to users offering them a range of different techniques to explore and understand the properties of the physical systems:

  1. The Standard multiporpose line
  2. The External Microbeam line
  3. The ERDA-TOF line
  4. The Nuclear physics line
  5. The implantation line
  6. The Internal Microbeam line

The users can rely on installations that, by the kind of beams and instruments available and their performances (e.g. space, time, angle, energy resolution, current, fluence, etc.) allow to deal with many research topics. These are like the production and characterisation of materials at the technological edge like materials for photonics and the electronic industry; the controlled implantation of ions to modify materials properties; the high sensitivity non destructive analysis of fine arts objects and environmental samples.

A few more lines, actually under development will soon extend the range of materials and the range of conditions under which they could be modified and/or analysed. The forthcoming beamlines are:

  1. The UHV line for surface physics

You can see who is responsible within each experimental line in document "List of responsible for experimental station".

acchall.png ACC beamline map link Standard beamline map link NUC beamline map link EuB beamline map link IMP beamline map link UhV beamline map link IuB beamline map link ToF beamline map link

-- in operation

-- under commisioning