Escape of the Bunkeroom - XVIII Science week
Escape of the Bunkeroom - XVIII Science week
08.11.2018 - 08.11.2018
CMAM Accelerator Hall -
Open days at CMAM


The UAM particle accelerator opens its doors to an escape room where besides having fun you will learn about science. You will have 60 minutes to escape from the bunker and solve the challenge.

When you are going to go into the bunkeroom you are going to find a machine capable of producing particles and accelerating them at very high speeds, almost one tenth of the speed of light. Everyday, a group of scientists produce protons, alpha particles, gold ions, silver or ... whatever happens to play with matter. But something has happened, just when we were about to make the discovery with which they would give us the Nobel Prize, we have lost a particle. We have only one hour to find it before the doors have been locked forever. Your mission will be to find the lost particle inside the bunker.

Remember, if you do not find it in an hour, you will be trapped forever.



CMAM Accelerator Hall


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