Seminar at the Accelerator - Materials for future fusion reactors: technological advances
03.02.2011 - 03.02.2011
CMAM - Madrid
Informal seminars at the Accelerator


Speaker: Pilar Fernández, fusion materials group of CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain.

Nuclear fusion by magnetic confinement is presented in the XXI century as a long term solution to get mass, safe and inexhaustible energy. Currently, it is in tecnology demostration phase, and accepted scientific viability. One of the main technological challenges to be solved is the selection and / or development of highly resistant materials to the hard conditions of their use: up to 14 MeV neutron energy, transmutation products (mainly H and He) and high temperatures. The set of necessary materials can be classified into three sections: materials that are directly on the plasma (first wall and divertor), functional materials (heating systems and diagnostics of plasma) and finally the structural materials of particular relevance, which are limiting the operation of reactor window.

The microstructural evolution of materials in a fusion environment can generate degradation of physical properties, such as electrical and thermal conductivity as well as degradation of mechanical properties because of embrittlement caused by hardening of the material during irradiation. Furthermore, the formation of gas atoms can produce "swelling" macroscopic, causing a loss of dimensional stability. These factors are the main limitation when it comes to select candidate materials for application in fusion. Moreover, in addition to good resistance to radiation damage, fusion materials should have good compatibility with coolant and other materials, high capacity to support high thermal stresses, easy to manufacture at a reasonable cost and meet the criteria low activation. For these reasons, it is necessary to know the behavior of candidate materials for the design of future fusion reactor.

This seminar presents the major technological advances in the fusion materials group of CIEMAT in recent years and current research in fusion.


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The seminar takes place at the meeting room of the CMAM