1st ReMade-INDUSTRY call for proposals

Image shows access to industry

As part of the European project ReMade@ARI, we are very pleased to announce that call for all industries is currently open.

ReMade@ARI (REcyclable MAterials DEvelopment at Analytical Research Infrastructures) is funded by the EU Commission’s Horizon Europe programme and provides scientists who are working on the design of new recyclable materials access to more than 50 European analytical research infrastructures (including CMAM).

D??????? has been ???????? to 12 Dec. 2023!

? Calling all industries : the ??????-??? ?????? ????? is open for 2 more weeks!
? Contact us at and apply now

Below is a short introduction to the calls and a few relevant links:

Website: https://remade-project.eu/
User Access: https://remade-project.eu/index.php/user-access-guidelines/
Proposal submission Portal: https://apply.remade-project.eu/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/remade-at-ari/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RemadeatARI