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Publications 2017

1.- Antonio Rivera , José Olivares, Alejandro Prada, Miguel L. Crespillo, María J. Caturla, Eduardo M. Bringa, José M. Perlado & Ovidio Peña-Rodríguez, Permanent modi cations in silica produced by ion-induced high electronic excitation: experiments and atomistic simulations, Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 10641 (2017).

2.- F.Agulló-Rueda, N.Gordillo, M.D.Ynsa, A.Maira, J.Cañas, M.A.Ramos, Lattice damage in 9-MeV-carbon irradiated diamond and its recovery after annealing, Carbon, Volume 123, October 2017, Pages 334-343.

3.- M. D. Ynsa; F. Agulló-Rueda; N. Gordillo; A. Maira; D. Moreno-Cerrada; M. A. Ramos, Study of the effects of focused high-energy boron ion implantation in diamond, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B. 404 (2017) 207 – 210.

4.- F. Agulló-Rueda, M. D. Ynsa, N. Gordillo, A. Maira, D. Moreno-Cerrada, M. A. Ramos, Micro-Raman spectroscopy of near-surface damage in diamond irradiated with MeV boron ions, Diamond Related Materials 72 (2017) 94 – 98.

5.- H. D. Liang, Z. Y. Dang, J. F. Wu, J. A. van Kan, S. Qureshi, M. D. Ynsa, V. Torres-Costa, A. Maira, M. B. H. Breese, High aspect ratio channels in glass and porous silicon, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B.394 (2017) 1 – 5.

6.- Nicolas Bouts, Benoit Angleraud, Maria Dolores Ynsa, Bernard Humbert, Miguel Manso, Abdel-Aziz El Mel, Pierre-Yves Tessier, Electrical behavior of nickel/carbon nanocomposite thin films, Carbon 111 (2017) 878 – 886.

7.- M.L. Crespillo, F. Agulló-López, A. Zucchiatti, Cumulative approaches to track formation under swift heavy ion (SHI) irradiation:Phenomenological correlation with formation energies of Frenkel pairs, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys. Res.394,20-27 (2017).