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Publications 2019

1.- P. Pellacani, V. Torres-Costa, F. Agulló-Rueda, R. Vanna, C. Morasso, and M. Manso Silván, Laser Writing of Nanostructured Silicon Arrays for the SERS Detection of Biomolecules with Inhibited Oxidation, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 174, 174–80.

2.- C. Rodriguez, A. Muñoz Noval, V. Torres-Costa, G. Ceccone and M. Manso Silván, Visible Light Assisted Organosilane Assembly on Mesoporous Silicon Films and Particles, Materials 2019, 12 (1), 131.

3.- Miguel L. Crespillo, Joseph T. Graham, Fernando Agulló-López, Yanwen Zhang and William J. Weber, Recent Advances on Carrier and Exciton Self-Trapping in Strontium Titanate: Understanding the Luminescence Emissions, Crystals (2019), Vol. 9, Issue 2, pag. 95.