New master degree in Nuclear Physics

Mª Jimena de Hita Fdz., student of the interuniversity master degree in Nuclear Physics, defends at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid the work which she has done at the CMAM about "Simultaneous analysis with Helix beam of PIXE and RBS in materials of interest in Archeology". This work has been carried out under the direction of Aurelio Climent Font and it has consisted in the application of the PIXE and RBS nuclear techniques for the characterization of four Glass pieces from the glass museum of the Ely cathedral, being an example of the Nuclear Physics applications in disciplines such as Art and Archeometry.

2017 Summer Science Campus

2017 Summer Science Campus starts next July 3th. In this eighth edition will participate more than 1900 Students 1st high school and 4th ESO who will create different research projects in some Spanish universities with the Excellence International Distinctive (CEI).


CMAM participates again in the Summer Campus Science with the project "Cambiar las propiedades ópticas de la materia usando un acelerador de iones". The activity consists of modifying various materials through the use of ion beams, generating structures called waveguides that will be later characterized by the analysis of the changes in their fundamental optical properties. The students will learn all the steps involved in a general scientific study and in the particular case of wave guides.



I Course "Iniciación a la ciencia profesional: academia y empresa"

CMAM researchers organize the UAM summer course "Iniciación a la ciencia profesional: academia y empresa". The course is destined to students of last year and Master to attract and strengthen the scientific talent.

The registration period is now open and the course will take place in July (24, 25 and 26) in the Corrala Cultural Center in Madrid and has 20 scholarships with free registration (application until June 9).


All the information is in the following link:

XXVII Course about Introduction to the research in Optics

José Olivares Villegas, CMAM research, organizes the XXVI course about Introduction to the research in Optics. This course is directed towards university students interested in research. This activity will be hosted by CSIC Institute of Optics (, which is part of CSIC's network of research centres.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to know theirs laboratories and theirs scientific objectives include every aspect of Optics and Photonics, with particular emphasis in areas such as Oftalmic and Physiological Optics, Image Processing, Optical Metrology, Light-Matter interaction, Non-linear Dynamics of Optical Systems, Nanophotonics and Optical Communications.

The registration is free and you can do it until 10th March.

More information here.
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