Here you can find detailed information about beamtime at CMAM and how to apply for it.

1. Access to CMAM and its services

CMAM is an open facilty with full competitive access to the accelerator beamtime

Starting from July 31th 2015 CMAM handles directly all access services to local and external users. For precise information on how to access the facility you must contact Information on the equipment and beamlines available can be found in the beamlines section.

The UAM’s “Consejo Social” (Social Council) has approved fees for the use of beamtime and additional services, applicable to enterprises and private users. At the same time has decided a financial contribution to the running and service costs applicable to universities and public research institutions national and international. The costs are established by user category and can be found in the following document.

2. Beamtime request

Regardless of the user’s category only proposals presented through our Beamtime request service will be considered.  To access this service and submit beamtime applications you must be previously registered. You will do so in the CMAM user’s portal.  You must enter the portal in the “Register as a new user” mode, which allows interactively the introduction and registration on the database of user’s identifying data.

3. Other services request
Services like: Assistance of CMAM staff in mounting and carrying out experiments, Data analysis including report, Additional technical work can be requested. This can be done either in the special requirements section of a beamtime request form or separately contacting with

IMPORTANT: Only proposals submitted using our Beamtime request service will be accepted.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following document about the evaluation criteria of beamtime applications.

Beamtime periods

    Beamtime periods and deadlines 2019:

    Period 00 Period 02 Period 04 Period 06 Period 08 Period 10 Period 12
    08 January - 22 February 25 February - 05 April 08 April - 24 May 27 May - 05 July 08 July - 20 September 23 September - 31 October 04 November - 20 December
    deadline 5 Dic. 18 deadline 23 Jan. 19 deadline 13 Mar. 19 deadline 29 Apr. 19 deadline 5 Jun. 19 deadline 24 Jul. 19 deadline 2 Oct. 19